LTD EC-Black Metal

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Thanks to its menacing design, the ESP EC-Black Metal looks as sinister as it sounds. It features an all-black finish, components, and hardware, and its Macassar ebony fingerboard boasts no inlays. In fact, the only thing preventing the EC-Black Metal from disappearing into blackness is a series of glow-in-the-dark side markers. As for sound, this axe was built for extreme underground metal. A Seymour Duncan Black Winter bridge humbucker spews out grinding cacophony like nothing you've heard before, while a set neck gives you long-lasting sustain and excellent articulation. And the EC-Black Metal is built to last, sharing the same quality construction as ESP's LTD Deluxe 1000 series. 

Seymour Duncan characterizes their Black Winter humbucker as being "extreme as the Scandinavian winter." Tailor-made for black metal, death metal — basically any extreme subgenre of metal — this pickup is jam-packed with grime and grind, yielding crushing distortion, punishing mids, and aggressive saturation. The EC-Black Metal's Black Winter bridge humbucker is mounted directly to the guitar’s body to increase its presence and resonance.

Nothing screams hard rock like ESP's timeless Eclipse body style. The extra mass of this single-cutaway design gives the EC-Black Metal truly epic sustain, whereas its slightly arched top provides you with comfortable hand positioning, no matter your picking style. Add to that a super-sharp cutaway, which gives you open access to the EC-Black Metal's upper frets, and you're totally ready to shred.

  • Eclipse body style with menacing all-black design
  • Mahogany body is loaded with warmth and resonance
  • 3-piece mahogany neck with smooth-playing Macassar ebony fingerboard
  • Seymour Duncan Black Winter humbucker yields crushing distortion, punishing mids, and aggressive saturation
  • TonePros locking TOM bridge/tailpiece give you dependable tuning stability and intonation
  • Set-neck construction ensures long-lasting sustain and excellent articulation
  • Eye-grabbing satin finish, glow-in-the-dark side markers, and black hardware


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