Left-handed DW 3000-series Double Kick Drum PedalLeft-handed DW 3000-series Double Kick Drum PedalLeft-handed DW 3000-series Double Kick Drum Pedal

DW 3000 Series Double Pedal - Left-handed

ManufacturerDW Drums
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Here's a double kick drum pedal that's perfect for any left-handed drummer. If your style calls for a the thunderous sound of a double kick, then Sweetwater drummers would happily recommend the DW DWCP3002L double kick drum pedal. Its dual-chain turbo drive and a bearing spring rocker assembly give the DWCP3002L the kind of response and recovery you demand, and you can count on its heavy-duty all-metal construction, night after night. You'll also appreciate the single-post design of the DWCP3002L's hat-side pedal, which lets you position it closer to the hi-hat than a typical double kick pedal. Add to that DW's 101 2-way beater, and you know you'll get the sound and feel that you need from the DWCP3002L!

  • Dual-chain Turbo drive for ultimate responsiveness
  • Bearing spring rocker assembly ensures fast recovery
  • 101 2-way beater gives you control over your sound
  • Steel base plate and heavy-duty all-metal construction can take the punishment of live performance
  • Dual adjustable toe clamp ensures the pedal and drum stay connected
  • Single Post Casting provides ease of movement between the pedal and hi-hat and allows for both independent or simultaneous use of both kick and hi-hat
  • Adjustable spikes for non-slip action
  • Hook and loop strips prevent bass drum creep
  • Includes convenient clip with drum key


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