PDP Centerstage kit blue

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A great value from Pacific Drums & Percussion by DW, the Center Stage has several features offered on high-end PDP and DW drum kits along with a full hardware pack. The kit features the focused tone of birch and select hardwood hybrid shells. The shells are complemented by stage-stealing durable wrapped finishes that make this kit a perfect choice for students and aspiring drum heroes.

Other features include a complete double-braced hardware pack, lathed brass cymbals, telescoping spurs, True Pitch Tuning rods and a matching snare. It's an incredible value, so don't wait, get started now!

Birch hybrid shells
True-Pitch tuning rods
Telescoping spurs
Includes pedal, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand and snare stand
3-Piece brass cymbal pack (13" hi-hats, 16" crash/ride)
Matching snare drum
Kick: 22 x 18"
Toms: 10 x 7 and 12 x 8"
Floor toms: 16 x 13"
Snare: 14 x 5"


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