Nord C2 Combo Organ

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Church on Sunday mornings, clubs on Saturday nights. The Nord C2 Organ plays both places just right. Clavia has developed digitally modeled vintage organ models for over a decade, taking each new product version one step closer to perfection. With the introduction of the Nord C2, they raise the performance bar even further with the addition of a baroque pipe organ section-this is the organ for others to compare against. The Nord C2 Combo Organ includes B3 tonewheel organ, a Vox Continental and a Farfisa and a beautiful baroque pipe organ. This makes the C2 an extremely versatile instrument, providing not only rock organ players a new palette of sounds, but also the perfect instrument to use in churches, concert and congregation halls or any other venue where a high quality pipe organ instrument is paramount. The individual tonewheel levels are controlled with our digital drawbars that are just as fast and ergonomic to set up as their physical counterparts. This modern design provides you with the ability to store your favorite settings, to be instantly recalled and edited in real time during a performance. You get the unique opportunity to dial in a new setting with the digital drawbars while playing, without the change taking effect until you say so. Get your fingers on the waterfall type keyboard and you will not only hear, but feel the difference. An ultra fast trigger-to-sound response time in the C2 Combo Organ offers a superior performance compared with any other hardware or software products, just as the originals. Nord has modeled the crucial key click and key release bursts from the mechanical busbar design with its close to 1200 switches. The actual keys themselves have a firm mechanical action to provide you with the rock solid feel of an original vintage instrument. You have direct access to every important function on the panel. Nord believes that a performance is not only about what you play, but how you use an instrument as well.



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