• studio-logic-magnetic-computer-plate studio-logic-magnetic-computer-plate
  • Studiologic Numa Compact Studiologic Numa Compact
    The Numa Compact is the entry level keyboard that grows with your demands. You can either use it in a student-teacher situation, practice at home, jam with your musician friends or perform live on stage. It sounds great and is very easy to use. Most...
  • Studiologic Numa Concert Studiologic Numa Concert
    The Studiologic Numa Concert is a professional live performance digital piano and a high definition keyboard controller, with 88 keys Graded Hammer Action, solid wood key body and Ivory touch on the top surface of the white keys. The key action of...
  • Studiologic Numa Organ 2 Studiologic Numa Organ 2
    The Numa Organ 2 sound models have been designed to give a wide variety of sounds, derived from the analysis of the main characters of some of the most popular organs, allowing you to build combinations using the drawbars and all the available post...
  • Studiologic Numa Soft Bag Studiologic Numa Soft Bag
  • Studiologic SL88 Grand Studiologic SL88 Grand
    The SL88 Grand uses the best-graded hammer action keybed with Ivory Touch and wooden keys, to give you the natural feel of a well balanced grand piano. Each of the keys provides 3 contacts for superior performance. The results of this combination...
  • Studiologic SL88 Studio Studiologic SL88 Studio
    The SL88 Studio extends the SL CONTROLLERS line providing the perfect combination of lightness and all the powerful features of the product line. Working together with musicians we have created a user interface which is perfect for quick navigation...
  • Studiologic Sledge Studiologic Sledge
    Sledge 2.0 introduces new features and sound innovations that set the instrument above any competitor, thanks to a mix of pure synthesis and sound sampling.
  • Studiologic VFP-1 Sustain Pedal Studiologic VFP-1 Sustain Pedal
  • Studiologic VP25 Volume Pedal Studiologic VP25 Volume Pedal
  • Studiologic VP27 Volume Pedal Studiologic VP27 Volume Pedal
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