Mesa Boogie Tone Burst Boost

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Brand: Mesa/Boogie


The TONE-BURST™ Boost/Overdrive offers a virtually transparent gain range usually associated with “clean” boost pedals. However, the TONE-BURST has enough gain to boost your guitar to the threshold of clip and slightly beyond, making it far more useful for a variety of applications. It’s incredibly powerful for adding boost, drive and/or EQ to any guitar and amp combination. Whether using it as a utility to boost the output of single coils to match a humbucker or as a subtle overdrive when a standard overdrive may be too much, the TONE-BURST is an incredibly useful and expressive pedal that makes the best things sound even better!   PRODUCT FEATURES:   Designed and Hand-Built in Petaluma, California, USA True Bypass On/Off Switching - Bypasses all circuitry when off to ensure no tonal loss Gain Control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of boost or mild overdrive Master Level Control provides a variable range of signal boost up to +20db   Bass & Treble Controls provide +/- 12db of EQ boost or cut for exceptional tone shaping On/Off Status LED 9V Battery Powered or optional AC Powered via External Power Jack Input Input & Output Jacks (Nominal Input -20 db) SPECIFICATIONS:   Dimensions (W/D/H): 2.87" x 4.77" x 2.28" (73mm x 122mm x 58mm) Weight: 0.802lbs (364g) with battery, 0.702lbs (319g) without battery True Bypass Switching Battery Type: 9VDC (one) Power Consumption (Current Draw): 9VDC/15mA AC Adapter (Optional): Power Jack 2.1mm x 5.5mm, 9VDC with Negative Center (Regulated Recommended) Input Impedance: 2M Ohm (500k Ohm minimum) Output Impedance: 10k Ohm  


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