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ROLI Seaboard Grand Stage Midi Controller

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Code: ROL-000220
Brand: Roli


Getting your hands on the Roli Seaboard Grand Stage keyboard controller is like experiencing a new instrument for the first time, albeit one that will feel familiar to any keyboardist or pianist. This squishy keybed with 61 "Keywaves" is more sensitive to your touch than any traditional keyboard ever was and offers polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch. You can slide notes like a cellist, add vibrato like a guitarist, and make tonal changes on a per-note basis, either with the included Equator and Synth Squad instruments or your own favorite software instruments. You can even save your favorite sounds to the embedded processor on the Seaboard and play it like a standalone keyboard with no computer required. You'll be able to create more depth and dynamic interest in your performances than you have ever experienced before - with the Roli Seaboard Grand Stage.

  • Keywave playing surface has unprecedented expressive potential
  • Polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch enhance any performance
  • Slide notes just like with a ribbon controller
  • Comes with two software instruments designed specifically for Seaboard
  • Embed your favorite sounds and use the Seaboard as a standalone instrument


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