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Sennheiser E906 Microphone

sennheiser E906 Microphone
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Code: C-ELTE906
Brand: Sennheiser


E906 Microphone

Professional super-cardioid, dynamic instrument mic with switchable presence filter. Versatile to handle drums, percussion, and guitar amplifiers.


The cardioid e 906 instrument microphone was specially designed for guitar amps and is also excellent for percussion and horns.


  • Lively, full sound
  • Very fast attack
  • A flat shape is ideal for miking amp faces
  • Three position switchable sound characters: bright, moderate, dark
  • Rugged metal body

Sennheiser e 906 Dynamic Mic at a Glance:

  • Captures amplified guitars and percussion sounds with precision
  • Switchable presence filter adapts to your needs
  • Flat front design for easy positioning


Switchable presence filter adapts to your needs

The e 906 features a switchable presence filter which allows you to tailor the sound characteristics to different sound requirements and styles. The filter is adjusted via a slide switch on the microphone. The slide switch is tamper-resistant - to change positions, just use a pointed tool such as a small screwdriver. The switch has three positions: one boosts the presence range (with a mid-frequency of 4.2kHz) for aggressive metal rhythm guitars. The Normal position is great for classic rock. And the third position attenuates the presence range, with a mid-frequency of 4kHz, for warm and smooth jazz and blues sounds.

Flat front design for easy positioning

You can hang the e 906 on a guitar amp for stand-free performance. Its laterally mounted capsule has been specially developed for miking guitar amps face-on and extremely close to the signal source. Due to its flat design, the 906 is also very suitable for use with drums, since it can easily be positioned in cramped space conditions (e.g. below the cymbals). The super-cardioid pattern is great for reducing bleed in tight situations onstage, and the 906's hum-compensating coil rejects interference. Stick the e 906 in front of your amp or drum kit and you're ready to go!


Sennheiser e 906 Dynamic Mic Features:

  • Supercardioid dynamic mic for instrument applications
  • Lively, full sound with a very fast attack response
  • Flat shape perfect for guitar amps
  • Switchable presence filters (3 levels)
  • Extra-sturdy reinforced metal body
  • Frequency response 40Hz-18kHz
  • Sensitivity - 2.2 mV / Pa
  • Nominal Impedance - 350 ohm
  • Connector - XLR, gold-plated
  • 10-year factory warranty




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